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October 30, 2020 3 min read

Samson Athletics was named after Samson, the last judge of the Israelites.

“Why?” We hear you ask!

Well, if you don’t already know the story of Samson, then sit tight…

We’re going to quickly take you through it!

And even if you do know it, stick with us…

Because who doesn’t love a good story?!

Now, let’s begin…



Samson was a mighty Biblical figure.

And he was blessed with incredible physical strength.

He was born to elderly parents who had been childless for many years, after they were visited by an angel, and told that he would one day save his people from the Philistines.

They were, however, warned that no razor should ever touch his hair.


As a young man, wandering through the woods, Samson was pounced on by a lion…

Samson and the LionFeeling the strength within him, he slew the lion with his bare hands.

It was then that Samson knew he could help his people.

For years, the Israelites had suffered under the Philistines who harassed them and pillaged their land.

Samson stepped up.

But, instead of going to war, Samson chose to tackle the Philistines in other ways.

And so, the challenges he faced began…

After marrying a Philistine girl, Samson posed a riddle to the Philistines and promised to reward each of them with a suit if they could correctly guess the answer.

If not, they were to gift him 30 suits!

But the Philistines refused to lose and convinced his wife to tell them the answer.

In sheer fury, after they correctly answered his riddle, Samson went to the Philistine city of Ashkelon and killed 30 Philistines.

On returning, he found his wife had been remarried to a friend, and he was forced into another fury…

Samson destroyed all of their corn, vineyards and olive trees, causing the Philistines to retaliate by killing his wife and his father-in-law.

But Samson was not finished.

He exploded into another fit of rage and killed many of the Philistines, before hiding away in a cave at the Rock of Etam.


Later, Samson fell in love with another girl – Delilah.

The Philistines bribed Delilah to uncover the secret behind Samson’s strength…

And, after many attempts, she persuaded Samson to give up his secret.

With that, she ordered a servant to cut off Samson’s hair whilst he slept, and she turned him over to the Philistines!

Now able to overpower Samson, they blinded and imprisoned him.

Betrayed, weak and blind, Samson stared into the face of adversity.

That was until his hair began to grow back…

And with it his strength began to return.

So, in a final act of defiance, Samson destroyed the Temple of Dagon.

He pushed the pillars apart and caused the temple to crumble.

The entire court of the Philistine kings was killed and Samson himself was killed with it.

Even in the face of adversity, Samson refused to let the Philistines win.

Strength through adversity



Samson had supernatural strength and sacrificed everything to avenge his people.

Even when the odds were stacked against him, he used his final ounce of strength to overcome adversity.

And having overcome my own challenges, it seemed only right to honour Samson and show others that they can overcome their own challenges too!

We all have that strength inside of us.

When it seems like there’s nothing left to give, it’s there.

And our products reflect that ethos.

They are straight talking, hard wearing training staples.

They are built to withstand a beasting in the gym and a beasting from the washing machine.

And whether you need a bit of humour for a little pick me up

Or to look in the mirror and see that you are UNF*CKWITHABLE…

Our unique designs call on that strength from Samson.

Designed, printed, photographed, packed and shipped by hand, from our warehouse in central Bradford…

In a Samson Athletics tee, you will stand out.



We also believe in recognising the real heroes who, just like Samson, have stared into the face of adversity and overcome it.

We believe that hard work should be acknowledged.

So, if you have a story of overcoming adversity, in whatever form, we would love to hear it.

Strength through adversity

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